The chemistry of mass transit.


Interior and exterior. Under the hood. Our solutions for buses and trains extend from brand-impact coatings to lightweight flooring. From chassis and battery technologies to lubricants, sealants and adhesives. And of course, our R&D teams are always working on something new.


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Collaborate with us to solve the future needs of mass transit.

At BASF, one of our tenets is that we innovate to help our customers be more successful. For the mass transit market, that means continually delivering ground-breaking solutions that help manufacturers make buses and trains more affordable to operate, more sustainable and more comfortable.

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Comfort, durability, health and safety. Passengers get a better ride with our interior solutions.

From seating and lighting to windows, flooring and insulation, we focus on improving the passenger experience. And we also protect the health of your bottom line by creating interior components that last longer with little maintenance. Itís a win-win.

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Enhance aesthetics and durability. Improve passenger satisfaction and lower cost of operations.

Coatings. Composite panels. Anti-corrosion solutions. Sealants and adhesives. All designed to make buses and trains tougher. Reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Enhance visual identity branding and create a positive perception for the passengers that ride and the communities they call home.

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Keeping things moving forward at a faster pace and lighter weight.

From lubricants to plastic oil pans, and metal-to-plastic conversion of components, the goal is to keep everything from production to the 200,000th mile running smoothly. Reduced tooling costs to reduced wear and tear. From lighter weight to lighter environmental footprint. Our powertrain offerings are ready for your toughest challenge.

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Enhance sustainability without sacrificing vehicle performance.

To accelerate the widespread adoption of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, we need new generations of battery materials. Thatís why weíre working on solutions to improve vehicle range, extend battery life, allow for faster charging, improved durability, enhanced safety, reduced CO2 emissions and lower overall production costs.

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Lighten the load. Lower the cost. Reduce the footprint.

What is a major factor in operating costs? Weight. Lighter trains require less energy. Lighter buses require less fuel. With our engineering plastics and lightweight composite systems, manufacturers can meet industry demands for energy efficiency, lower emissions, and improve fuel performance.

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It's time to make infrastructure more sustainable.

Infrastructure is integral to the economic vitality of modern society. It's time to improve the condition of our infrastructure. To make it more durable. Make repairs or build replacements quickly to keep traffic and the economy moving. Protect our trains and track beds from wear and tear. Do it all with a lower environmental impact.

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