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Salt attacks ice, slush and sleet, making highways and city roads safer in winter. But it also accelerates corrosion in the underbody of buses and above-ground light rail systems, costing the transportation industry billions of dollars each year in the United States alone. Trains and buses with sea-side routes are exposed to salt-laden air, which is also a corrosive environment.


Corrosion not only appears in the form of rust, but also in the form of pitting, cracking or embrittlement, increasing maintenance costs and reducing the life of the vehicle.


With BASF coating solutions, suppliers can address corrosion-related problems before they start.


Combat corrosion with chemistry


Our range of coating solutions provide excellent adhesion and corrosion protection for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc coated, galvanized metals and composite substrates. Our manufacturing facilities around the world are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QS-9000 registered, assuring the same levels of quality, and service and commitment to environmental standards.


Elastocast and Elastocoat spray polyurethane coatings from BASF not only will provide abrasion and corrosion protection but also will dampen vibration and extend the life of your application.


With our range of anti-corrosion solutions, suppliers can provide transit authorities and municipalities with more ways to reduce costs and increase the lifecycle of their fleets.


Our underbody water-based chassis coatings provide high fill and build. Our high quality epoxy primer solutions provide anti-corrosion protection for the chassis, as well as superior adhesion.


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