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BASF is one of the world’s leading suppliers of exterior finish coatings. For all stages of paint application, we offer eco-friendly technologies, products and solutions.


At one-tenth of a millimeter, the exterior paint system of a vehicle is typically no thicker than a human hair. And yet, it contains four paint layers. The primer protects the exterior from rust and perfectly prepares surfaces for the next paint layers. . If required, a body filler can smooth out large surface irregularities, making several steel panels appear as one continuous piece. This product maintains flexibility through its entire lifetime.


The primer surfacer, as the second layer, smooths out more discrete surface irregularities, offers stone-chip protection and protects the primer from UV radiation. As the third layer, the paint system lends the body its color, its effects and its aesthetic appearance. The final layer, the clear coat, serves as the protective shield that seals all of the paint layers that meet or exceed all VOC requirements. At the same time, it provides the glossy, attractive appearance of the entire paint system.


We put innovative color trends on the roads and rails. At our BASF Color Labs, we can create individual colors, from which we then develop high-performance, attractive coatings that meet customer branding requirements.


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