Basotect open-cell melamine foam provides industry leading acoustical properties. Used to insulate ceilings and walls in buses and trains, it reduces road and rail noise to a whisper. When passengers can conduct a conversation easily, they’re more comfortable. And less noise also helps reduce fatigue and stress for drivers and conductors, making them safer and more productive on the job.


Lightweight and easily cut and installed to custom shapes and sizes, our melamine foam technology is characterized by low density and thermal conductivity properties, which allows fleet owners to reduce the energy needed to maintain a comfortable interior temperature for passengers. It also has enhanced fire resistance properties, exceeding several international standards, and can be treated so that it does not uptake water, allowing it to be used to insulate in moist areas, such as underneath windows.


Click here to read case studies about the use of Basotect melamine foam as wall, ceiling and duct insulation in applications from city trams to high speed trains

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