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From light stabilizers to performance chemicals for leather and textiles, BASF develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative coatings and refinishes as well as the processes needed to apply them. We can meet or exceed the most stringent VOC regulations in place across North America. We have proven solutions for the application of waterborne, solvent-based, VOC-compliant, decorative waterproof coatings for exterior, above-grade, and vertical surfaces.


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Our durable, long-lasting coatings are suitable for a broad range of substrates including plastics, fiberglass, composites (such as carbon fiber), steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Our wide range of colors offer transit operators the ability to meet individual design requirements, and as a solutions provider, we work closely with manufacturers to determine the best process for applying coatings to meet the requirements of all substrates. We offer both flexible and rigid coatings systems, as well as UV resistant coatings that resists fading and look great for the lifecycle of the interior part.


We also offer foam coating solutions that make handrails and barriers more comfortable to the touch, providing better shock absorption in the event of a sudden stop. The result? Improved passenger safety and better ergonomics.


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