Interior Composite Panels


Vehicles constructed of composite panels provide increased comfort thanks to reduced noise and enhanced thermal performance, while also bringing improved durability to the table.


Lightweight and fast to install, panels also improve both fuel efficiency for the fleet owner and production efficiency for the manufacturer.


The key to performance is the use of advanced materials like rigid polyurethane foam that provides industry leading thermal performance and durability, or engineered foams like melamine resin that provides unmatched acoustical properties.


What kind of panel do you need?


Flexible in application and easy to incorporate into your design and production process, these solutions are backed by our technical experts in the lab and in the plant.


For example, semi-structural composite panels can be made from paper honeycomb cores with glass fiber and polyurethane skins. These panels are very stiff and very light and they won't sag even when exposed to high temperatures. A perfect solution to take weight out of luggage bins, cabin walls and ceilings and other semi-structural areas.


For true structural applications, we have a polyurethane solution for fast RTM parts. The polyurethane is low viscosity for fast infusion times, cures quickly and supports at least 50 per cent loading of glass, carbon fiber or even natural fibers.


Another way to reduce the weight of steel parts is to simply down-gauge the steel and back-fill with rigid polyurethane foam. Weight savings as much as 50% can be achieved while actually increasing part stiffness! And with BASF horsepower behind the technology, we can support your product design efforts to optimize the foam to give you the lightest part while still exceeding your specifications. A minor change to your part, a minor change to your manufacturing… a major loss of weight!


Interior composite panels
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