Consider this: the New York City subway serves 1.64 billion riders each year. Thatís a lot of people touching and sitting on the same surface every day. And letís face it, not every rider is kind to his or her seat. From propping up muddy feet to outright vandalism, transit seating takes a beating every day.


To withstand these high traffic demands, transit operators require durable seating, without sacrificing passenger comfort. With BASF polyurethane foam solutions, bus and rail manufacturers can find the right combination of durability and comfort. Our foam solutions allow designers to create ergonomic seat components out of multi-zone foams that display different degrees of hardness in different sections of the upholstery. This enhances passenger comfort while increasing the lifetime of seats designed for high-usage applications.


Durable chemistry


Traditional materials donít age well: they crack, tear and fade. We offer spray elastomers as a durable alternative. Puncture and abrasion resistant, they can be molded in multiple colors with very detailed textures. The soft and pliant elastomers have no plasticizer content, which means they don't get brittle. A long-term solution for the long haul.


Using Basotect melamine foam in seat backs helps in the overall light weighting of the vehicle and Basotect melamine foam meets the strict fire resistance standards present in the Mass transit industry


BASF also developed a special glass-reinforced polyamide 6 specifically for mass transit seating. This material meets stringent Docket 90A flammability guidelines, yields excellent surface finish and is compatible with gas-assist injection molding.


Stimulite® by Supracor


Seating materials from flexible honeycomb based on thermoplastic urethane


Stimulite is a flexible form of honeycomb material, made from BASF's Elastollanģ thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It is an alternate material to foam in seat cushions and sleeping surfaces. Medically proven, it provides long term sitting comfort in a lightweight, low profile that yields more cabin space. Unique performance features promote health and well-being. FST (fire, smoke, toxicity) compliant Stimulite honeycomb can be found in aircraft crew rest mattresses as well as passenger seat cushions and seat backs.


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