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With Basotect« melamine foam, BASF offers a specialty foam that, thanks to its unique properties, is ideally suited to solving acoustic concerns in Mass Transit applications.


The open-cell structure gives Basotect melamine foam excellent sound absorption properties, offering the ideal solution to the increasing demands on noise reduction. In this way, Basotect makes a significant contribution to increasing the comfort of passengers.


In Mass Transit applications, Basotect melamine foam is used in combination with acoustic barriers such as non-wovens, woven fabric, metal foils and plastic films. Together with Basotect, these are formed into precisely contoured components, which are then used for sound insulation and dampening. As well as the outstanding noise reduction, Basotect« offers the following properties that are highly valued in Mass Transit applications:


  • Low density (9 kg/m3)
  • High temperature resistance (application temperatures up to 240║C)
  • Excellent fire performance without the use of flame retardants
  • Good fogging behavior
  • Chemical resistance to fluids found under the hood


Basotect melamine foam has a wide range of uses. Specifically in Powertrain laminated foam elements are suitable for installation around the engine, especially in locations that are subjected to high temperatures.


The acoustic properties of inserts made of Basotect account for a reduction in noise levels in Mass Transit vehicles. Such inserts thus make an important contribution to protecting the health of occupants and to increased road safety. Through optimal soundproofing of the engine compartment in Mass Transit vehicles, Basotect ensure the comfort that passengers have come to expect.


Lightweight and easily cut and installed to custom shapes and sizes, our melamine foam technology is characterized by low density and thermal conductivity properties, which allows fleet owners to reduce the energy needed to maintain a comfortable interior temperature for passengers. It also has enhanced fire resistance properties, exceeding several international standards, and can be treated so that it does not uptake water, allowing it to be used to insulate in moist areas, such as underneath windows.


Click here to see a case study of Basotect melamine foam used in air conditioning ducts in a high speed train.

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