It's time to make infrastructure more sustainable.


Infrastructure, including roads, bridges and tunnels, is integral to the economic vitality of modern society. Transportation alone contributes 11 percent of the America's gross domestic product, amounting to approximately $950 billion. The national transportation system carries over 4.7 trillion passenger miles of travel and 3.7 trillion ton miles of domestic freight generated by about 270 million people, 6.7 million business establishments, and 88,000 units of government.


It's time to improve the condition of our infrastructure, less harsh on our trains and buses. To make it more durable. To make repairs or build replacements quickly to keep traffic and the economy moving. To do it all with a lower environmental impact.


We have developed a completely new concept for the construction of durable roads and overpasses. This solution combines aggregate such as granite, stone, or recycled glass with a polyurethane binder to create a water permeable surface. Rain water can simply seep away and help replenish the groundwater supply. We also offer a railway ballast binder, a two-component polyurethane system developed for the reinforcement and stabilization of loose bulk ballast stones on railway tracks. By fortifying the track ballast, it binds the loose stones together, preventing damage to the underside of the rail car.


BASF Construction North America offers a complete suite of materials, systems and solutions for infrastructure projects ranging from roads and highways to bridges and tunnels, pipelines, dams and levees, even coastal embankments and onshore/offshore marine applications.


To learn more about BASF’s sustainable construction solutions for infrastructure, visit their website.


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