High-performance solutions for interiors


Comfort, durability, health and safety. Passengers get a better ride with our interior solutions.



Solutions for durable, comfortable seating

Consider this: the New York City subway serves 1.64 billion riders each year. Thatís a lot of people touching and sitting on the same surface every day. And letís face it, not every rider is kind to his or her seat. From propping up muddy feet to outright vandalism, transit seating takes a beating every day.


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Flooring that lasts

The floors in public trains and buses need to last, withstanding a high volume of traffic while delivering the lowest weight possible.


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Interior Insulation

Insulation for noise reduction

Our open-cell melamine foam solution provides industry leading acoustical properties. Used to insulate ceilings and walls in buses and trains, it reduces road and rail noise to a whisper.


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Composite Panels

High-performance composite panels

Vehicles constructed of composite panels provide increased comfort thanks to reduced noise and enhanced thermal performance, while also bringing improved durability to the table. Lightweight and fast to install, panels also improve both fuel efficiency for the fleet owner and production efficiency for the manufacturer.


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Durable, long-lasting interior coatings

From light stabilizers to performance chemicals for leather and textiles, BASF develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative coatings and refinishes as well as the processes needed to apply them.


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