Lower energy consumption


With advanced technologies, we are helping mass transit suppliers deliver energy efficient solutions for their customers.


Our melamine foam technology is characterized by low density and thermal conductivity properties, which allows fleet owners to reduce the energy needed to maintain a comfortable interior temperature for passengers.


The excellent acoustic properties, safe fire characteristics and low weight of Basotect make it ideal for the use in vehicle backed wall and ceiling/duct systems and for laminated interior fittings with decorative designs. When it comes to applications in vehicle walls and ceilings, the high level of thermal insulation brought about by the low thermal conductivity is another strong argument in favor for using Basotect.


The operating cost for climate-controlled passenger cars can be drastically reduced. Due to the products low weight in comparison to other insulating materials, Basotect also contributes to increasing the overall energy efficiency of the vehicle. The weight reduction in the wall and ceiling areas lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle and thus increases the safety when negotiating curves.


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