When reducing the total weight of buses and trains, sustainability is paramount.


Our lightweight composites help manufacturers build vehicles that are designed to last. With its unique sandwich panel design – consisting of natural fiber skins and a rigid polyurethane foam core – our composite panels deliver high strength-to-weight performance. For example, by replacing marine-grade plywood with our panel flooring solutions, manufacturers can reduce the total weight of the flooring on an average city transit bus or commuter coach by at least 75 per cent – without compromising durability.


We know that bus and rail car chassis designers must consider sustainability as they consolidate parts to improve production efficiency and reduce structural weight. We deliver products and approaches that produce both the strength required for rugged chassis applications, as well as design versatility and accuracy. Our Engineering Plastics group provides the material, technical know-how and design support needed to create weight reductions, cost-cutting solutions and efficient production processes.


Collaborative chemistry


We’ve combined proven product development experience with advanced technology – including innovative simulation tools. When determining which metal parts can be replaced with alternative materials, designers consider the performance characteristics of each material. Our Engineering Plastics team partners with manufacturers to assist with the conversion of metal to lighter plastic parts, participating from the very first stages of concept development. We use cutting edge Computer Aided Design (CAD) and engineering tools to analyze the design process, and identify ways to reduce the weight and cost of high performance structural components. We can also evaluate downstream variables that affect part design and function, such as shape, ease of manufacturing, assembly, and functionality.


Safety. Durability. Lower lifecycle cost. Reduced environmental impact. All intended to help you balance the triple bottom line of economy, ecology and society.


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