Lower emissions and VOCs


Many experts believe that natural gas will be the fuel of the future. Transit operators across North America are adopting natural gas as a cleaner, less costly alternative to diesel or gasoline.


That’s why we have developed next-generation Metal Organic Framework (MOF) solutions, providing a new way to store natural gas fuel at much lower pressures. This enables transit operators to acquire, maintain and operate a greener fleet more cost-effectively.


In the effort to lower emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), transit authorities are looking to electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. To encourage widespread adoption of these vehicles, next generation batteries are needed. One factor hampering market adoption is the relatively short driving range associated with low energy-density batteries. Advanced cathode materials, which are a key to the performance and safety of batteries, provide much higher energy density, enabling increased driving distances with reduced battery pack weight.


Batteries, catalysts and sealants


BASF’s Advanced Battery and e-mobility team is working on solutions to improve vehicle range, extend battery life, allow for faster charging, enhance durability, increase safety, reduce CO2 emissions and lower overall production costs.


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We have a long history of reducing carbon emissions. BASF pioneered the development of the first catalytic converters in 1975, which is now capable of destroying over 90 percent of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).


Since its inception, BASF’s three-way catalyst technology has destroyed over 1 billion tons of HC and NOx and CO before they ever reached the atmosphere.


Our low VOC sealants are environmentally friendly and UV resistant, and also provide superior color stability. We provide low to zero VOC solutions for a variety of interior and exterior coatings, resulting in cleaner air for passengers.


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