Temperature and noise control


When it comes to noise control, our open-cell melamine foam solution provides industry leading acoustic dampening properties.


Used to insulate ceilings and walls in buses and trains, it reduces road and rail noise to a whisper. When passengers can conduct a conversation easily, rest and relax, they’re more comfortable and perhaps more likely to take transit more often. Less noise also helps reduce fatigue and stress for drivers and conductors, increasing safety and productivity.


Flexible in application and easy to incorporate into a design and production process, our technology and solutions are backed by our technical experts in the lab and on the production floor.




The excellent acoustic properties, safe fire characteristics and low weight of Basotect ® UF, G and G+ make them ideal for use in transportation systems and for laminated interior fittings with decorative designs. Owing to the high elasticity and ease of processing of this product, complex installation work can be carried out cost-effectively.


When it comes to applications in vehicle walls and ceilings, the high level of thermal insulation brought about by the low thermal conductivity is another strong argument in favor of using Basotect. In addition, the operating costs for climate-controlled passenger cars, for instance, can be drastically reduced. Basotect meets the required fire safety standards for rail vehicles – the UF grade already satisfies the new European Union fire safety standards.


Due to the product’s low weight in comparison to other insulating materials, Basotect also contributes to increasing the overall energy efficiency of the rail vehicle. Additionally, the weight reduction in the wall and ceiling areas lowers the center of gravity of the cars and thus increases safety when negotiating curves. This is of particular relevance for narrow-gauge railroads. The acoustic properties of inserts made of Basotect® account for a reduction in noise levels in the driver’s cab in trucks and agricultural machinery. Such inserts thus make an important contribution to protecting the health of occupants and to increased road safety. Through optimal soundproofing of the engine compartment and of the passenger area of buses, Basotect G and G+ ensures the comfort that passengers have come to expect.


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