We understand the challenges of modern mass transit.


With offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico, our team serves bus and rail manufacturers across the continent. We understand the realities of transit authorities overseeing large subway systems like those of New York City, Mexico City, Toronto or Montreal. At the same time, we understand the unique needs of transit authorities serving citizens in smaller towns, and the needs of regional transit authorities serving exurbs and rural areas.


Attracting more ridership means enhancing passenger comfort and safety. With our range of sealants, coatings and insulation solutions, we help manufacturers provide people with cleaner indoor air to breathe and a quieter ride. Manufacturers are also meeting industry demands for lower emissions using our light weight composite systems, which provide weight savings of up to 50 percent over metals.


That adds up to a lower cost of ownership and a better operational balance sheet.


Our experience, at your service


We create chemistry, but we know that at the end of the day, what matters is how this chemistry solves real challenges. By serving the aerospace market, we gained the expertise needed to work with highly-regulated industries. By serving the automotive market, we gained insights into the challenges of large-scale manufacturing. When we work together, drawing from our combined experiences, we introduce the best technologies to make buses and trains more comfortable for passengers, cheaper to operate and more sustainable.


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